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Remember those old super heroes  episodes?  The campy 60’s series where a dynamic duo always wound up in some nefarious trap,  only to escape at the very last minute?

I often found myself fantasizing about catching them  in my own elaborate, sexy trap. The struggle, the helplessness ... the submission, it all seemed so intense.
Finally, I have recreated that fantasy in virtual reality, for all of us to enjoy!  Whip,  spank,  squeeze,  and shock your own captive femme fatale because just this once -- the villain has won and the villain it's you...


  • Supports Desktop and VR Mode (Oculus & Vive)
  • Interact with a collection of devious pleasure tools
  • Teach 4 different characters the pleasure to be found in pain
  • Sit back and … relax ...  with “Robot Arm” auto-play

Dev Note: This game is under constant development. If you prefer to have instant access to the latest updates please consider supporting me on Patreon

Itch.io  builds will be delayed  months after their release on Patreon.

Jump into the Villain Simulator and discover why bad guys have more fun >:)

Current version: 0.18 (beta 18)

Latest version on Patreon0.20.0 (beta 20)

Desktop Mode Controls

WASD - Movement

E - Grab/Interact

R - Reset Game

Ctrl - Toggle Crouch

Left Click - Shoot/activate

Right Click - Toggle Hands / Toggle Laser Aim

O - Debug Panel / Cheat Console

VR Mode Controls

Trigger - Shot / Interact / Activate UI Buttons

Grab - Grab

Joystick/Pad up - Teleport / UI Pointer

Joystick/Pad left/right - Snap Turn

Right Menu Button -  Toggle Laser Aim

Past Updates:


Get this game and 31 more starting at $19.99
View bundle
Buy Now$13.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $13.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

TVS-Beta-17-Mac-Itch.zip 757 MB
TheVillainSimulator-Beta18.zip 819 MB

Download demo

TheVillainSimulator-Demo.zip 772 MB

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Why is Mac one version behind?

Will it be possible with valve index in the future?


Hello, it currently supports Valve Index and knuckles controllers. Regards

Hey there, just bought this game for Mac... But I really don't get what to do (I don't have VR), And when I shoot with the laser gun to the objects and girl, they disappear... If I shoot to the floor, the same and I fall off. :(

Hi, thanks for getting the game.  If you hit the clothes on the girl they will disappear, this is the strip mechanic. Be careful with the dematerializer gun since it can disintegrate many things.

Yes, but it’s not working as it should be... I play a lot of CoD, so my aim is quite great, specially with subjects that are less than 1 meter from me... by the way, how can I use the dildo? The game is quite realistic, played on both Mac and Windows (with boot camp), windows version runs incredibly smooth... not the same with Mac, which it’s very laggy with the same graphic settings :( 

Im sorry is not working as you expected, some guns shot in a more realistic way, very different than call of duty in which the bullet goes from the center of the screen to the crosshair, this is not realistic because the bullet is not actually coming out from the center of the screen, in TVS the bullet actually comes out from the gun, this is important specially in close range since the distance proportion between the camera, gun and hit point is big. Also darts and Pong balls work the same plus they are affected by physics.

To use the dildo you grab it and put it close to the genitals, it should snap in place and then press the mouse click to move it. You can also use the scroll wheel to adjust the distance you are grabbing it.

I'm not sure what are the technical differences between PC and Mac, I think the game runs on Metal in Mac which is not as performant as openGL which is the case for Windows. Also and usually PCs tend to be more powerful than PCs, I don't know if this is your case.

Thanks for reaching out and let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.


Thanks for you reply! I really want to help to make this game a little bit better (specially for Mac users), so please don't feel I'm critiquing the game with bad intentions... I really think the world needs more xxx realistic games like yours  (also like captain hardcore)

The aiming thing is that I'm experiencing different types of things depending if it's in Windows or MacOS... Windows version: Perfect! Mac Version: Buggy :( 

My iMac: Retina 5K 27" 2017. Processor: 4,2 GHz Quad Core Intel i7. Memory: 8GB 2400 MHz DDR4. Graphics: Radeon Pro 575 4GB. I was running Windows there to comprare the game in a windows OS.

There is no dildo in the room, I thought it was hidden or something... Tried with bottles with not luck XD


Thanks, I appreciate it and I welcome any feedback, it helps me a lot. I will test more running the game on a mac, usually I just check  it works but haven't deeply tested the gameplay.
You tried with the bottles huh... you just gave me a good idea! 

The toys are in a box in one small table in the room, did you looked there?

Also you can help me a lot if you add an hones rating to the game, keep in mind is still in development so don't rate it yet as if it were a full finished game.



I read the whole thread. I think the MAC version works the same way as the PC Version. Try RIGHT clicking your mouse/Pad to bring up the Laser Pointer. Also, don't shoot anything LACY on the girls, the Dematerializer usually sees it as NOT there and will DeRez the girl..

Thanks! I used the laser many times with that gun with the same results, she disappears, no matter if I point to the clothes or skin... :(

Did you know that with the secondary mouse click you activate a laser sight for the dematerializer?

If you're already releasing beta 20 soon, why haven't you updated this site with at least beta 18?


Hello, I will do it as soon as Beta 20 is up on Patreon


Hey there, beta 18 is up on Itch

looks great!

how do i get the code for the debug panel?

I purchased the game and it has not linked to my account or sent to my email address.... twice. About to refund if it does not work.

Hello, please contact Itch support, this sounds like a problem on their system.

Will do, thank you. 

Windows Mixed Reality support planed? Can't seem to select anything with the handsets in vr mode. 

Windows Mixed Reality is supported, to interact with the buttons pull down the joystick and press trigger to activate it


Are gags planned?

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OMG, I was going to ask the same thing!  That's what this game could REALLY use!

And Nipple clamps


Yes they are planned, I still don't have a time to when I will be adding them but since they are very popular I might work on them for Beta 21


You just got yourself another Patreon once the month rolls over :)

@ZnelArts  What's the device in the demo that puts the model in a doggy style position? And will that be in the full version soon?


That is the Devious Device available starting on Beta 18. Beta 18 will come to Itch in a couple weeks.


Will this be getting a Quest port for VR eventually? and yes I know oculus link is a thing but some people just have potato computers and still want to have fun

Will see, I ordered the Oculus Quest 2 already and will be doing some testing to see if it can run it.

This game is garbage. I paid for the full game and it won't let me press any of the buttons in the screen menus to  effect the character. If you life  wasting money this game is perfect for you.

Were you playing desktop or VR version?


Hello, Im sorry you are experiencing this. Please bear in mind that the game is not fully developed, so the full version of the game is still not complete and there are issues caused by the development in progress. This been said, the interaction with the console buttons should be working fine on the current version. To interact in Desktop mode get close to a console and press E to activate it. To interact in VR mode get in front of a console, pull the joystick down to bring the UI pointer and press trigger to activate it.

On a later version VR has been improved,  so some of this confusing issues will be over.

Thanks for your feedback, I hope this helps, let me know!

I'll add to that, if you're using WMR headset, you may need to bind the pointer to a controller button as it wasn't bound by default on mine. Look for my post below for the video ZnelArts responded to.

I can't seem to change my control config using steam VR.  


This tutorial was very helpful 


Thanks. This was indeed VERY helpful. This worked for my WMR Headset!  Just out of curiosity, I still haven't discovered the key-bind for putting fingers in mouth and other orifices. 


Hello, I'm glad it worked. As for the interaction, this version of the game still doesn't have VR mouth and genitals interaction, I have added this on beta 19 and will eventually available on Itch  in a few.

Deleted 31 days ago
Deleted 31 days ago

This might be a dumb question, but i've had it happen before. Do we get access to the new itch.io versions if we purchase the game?

Yes, you will get access to the new versions when I publish them

How do we get the new version if we bought the older one?

Never mind, I figured it out..  :o)

Can you only use toys on them or can you use your characters hands and penis as well?

Anyway to adjust brightness?

i purchased the full game but i am still facing the same problem when blasting off the clothes there is a bug coming and the clothes are not removing instead a shinning mark is coming

I'm sorry about that, can you describe better what is that shinning mark you are referring to? Are you on Desktop Mode or on VR?

I am using on Desktop mode.
when i am using the gun to remove the clothes some parts of the bra or the underwear isn't going same with hand gloves somtime.  

also when i will be able to play the demo full version isn't that in my purchase?

Hi, I am not following. The demo version is not the full version. The game is on development and you will get updates trough Itch until the game is fully finished. Development updates are published on Patreon. On Itch I publish stable updates but those take some more time.


so when do we get the next beta or update.  you know for the peeps that bought the game

So the gun that makes clothes come off just makes her invisible to me. Anyone else experiencing this on mac?

You're hitting an area of her skin and disintegrating her! 

Use the laser pointer built in to the weapon to aim precisely at clothes. I've so far found that boots/gloves are counted as part of the character. I think you can only remove shirt, pants, bra, and panties. 

And on different characters you can remove things like braces/suspenders, masks, eye patches and fur lines. But you have to be very, very careful to aim exactly. 

Wrong. This is a current bug in mac build. Worked flawlessly when tried on PC version. Posting this in case it helps others even tho late. 

Wrong. This is something I specifically tested after first realising it was happening. 

It's possible you're misunderstanding what I was saying.

You might be right that he is misshooting, however, the fact that I have had the same bug (tried 20x on Mac - it doesn't work , it never hits the clothing) happen to me, and then it works instantly on PC indicates that it is likely a bug.

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So bought it.. but half the panels not working etc for my oculus rift. Is there a reason for that? Can't select new girl, touch sliders etc. EDIT == Read comments figured out. Side note.. on the demo was options that don't exsist on the full version.

so on here why havent we got any updates for full game ?

Hello, updates on Itch will be rolled out when there is a tested stable release available.


I'm playing the demo on the Oculus Quest through steamVR and I have to say this is pretty awesome. I'd definitely be up for paying for the full version but I can't seem to interact with any of the panels (like for the tilt of the restraining platform and such). Are these features just not compatible with the Quest or am I just not doing it right?

Hello, Im glad you like it, to interact with the panels can you try to pull the joystick down to bring the pointer, then while hovering on a  button press the trigger to activate it.

Can this be played on Oculus Quest via side loading or even link cable?

It can be played with the link cable

Hey Znel,

Wanted to try the game, but I had this bug where it kept pulling my cursor, and so my fov, to the top left and kept spinning. Do you have any idea how to fix that/what is causing that?

Thanks in advance for the help!


Some users have reported that bug and most of them find out they have another input/gamepad or something making the character spin. Can you try to see if that is the case?

Hm, I tried it again and it fixed itself. I think it may have been some weird interaction with my extraneous devices that are hooked up to my desktop. Thanks for the help!


i can't seem to interact with any of the menus with my index controllers?


Pull down the joystick to bring the Laser Pointer, then press the trigger to activate the buttons

how do you get this game, im new to this

how do i extract the things if the file is empty?

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Not really much to do in the desktop version as far as I can tell. You can remove 1 article of clothing, and then the ONLY thing that I can find that removes clothing then kills you. No real indication of what to do, and nothing that really CAN be done as far as I can tell. The trailor seems to show that you NEED a VR set to interact with anything, which if that's true you might as well not even make a desktop version.

sounds to me you used the Demo Version