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Jump into the Villain Simulator and discover why bad guys have more fun >:)

A darkly humorous first-person adventure-game that puts you in the shoes of a genetically engineered clone working for an evil super enterprise.
Your task is to perform tests and extract information from captured super heroines by playing, tormenting and experimenting with them using a variety of tools and machines to hold them captive.

Touch, strip, spank, squeeze, tickle, and find your way through the game as you lead the heroines towards a cooperative and compliant behavior. But be careful, because not all heroines are created equal, and some may require a more... alluring and seductive methods.

As you progress through the game, you'll encounter a wide range of heroines with unique abilities and personalities requiring different methods to seduce them, the more seduced they become, the more they'll succumb to your every desire.

Play the game from a 2D desktop mode first-person view that lets you fully immerse yourself in the experience, or for an even more immersive experience play in Virtual Reality mode using your VR headset. 

The game also features a character creator with a wide variety of costumes, accessories and options that allows you to create your own custom made heroines and bring them into the lab.

Dev Note: This game is under constant development. If you prefer to have instant access to the latest updates please consider supporting me on Patreon

Itch.io  builds will be 3 versions behind the current beta build on Patreon.

The Villain Simulator is the kind of game everyone should have on their computer- BestPornGames

Jump into the Villain Simulator and discover why bad guys have more fun >:)

Current Itch version: 0.35.1 (beta 35) Latest version on Patreon0.38 (beta 38) 

Desktop Mode Controls

WASD - Movement

1- Normal Mode - Hides the hand

2- Grab/Touch Mode - You can bring the hand as before to start touching

3 - Slap Mode - You can slap the character

4 - Punch Mode - You can punch the character

E - Grab/Interact

R - Reset Game

Ctrl - Toggle Crouch

Left Click - Shoot/activate

Right Click - Toggle Hands / Toggle Laser Aim

VR Mode Controls

Trigger - Shot / Interact / Activate UI Buttons

Grab - Grab

Joystick/Pad up - Teleport / UI Pointer

Joystick/Pad left/right - Snap Turn

Right Menu Button -  Toggle Laser Aim

How to Tickle 

Desktop Mode: Change hand mode to Interact Mode [2] then point over a tickling area and click, keep clicking to keep tickling.

VR Mode: Just hover your hand over a tickling point and press trigger.

Past Updates:


Get this game and 10 more for $44.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

TVS-Beta-35-mac 4 GB
Version 1
TVS-Beta-35-2-win 4 GB
Version 2

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There's no option to connect my lovense toy?

How i use Serum? im a noob

Hello, please join our discord for help https://discord.gg/c25BbmPZYj

When will lovense integration be added to the itch build?

It is coming on Beta 37, If you purchased the game join me on Discord and I can show you how to set it up.

when is the update?

trying to play on oculus using oculus link.

game starts, but i'm unable to move.

Is there anything I have to do??


hey I was trying to download TVS-Beta-35-2-win but when i unzip it it gives a CRC check failure. When I tried to let it finish and run anyway it looked like there were missing textures and the character creator especially was pretty broken.

Does this game have full body tracking? And if not, are there plans to implement it?


Hello, it has headset and controllers tacking. No plans to implement tracking for more than that. Regards

Deleted 13 days ago
Deleted 13 days ago
Deleted 13 days ago
Deleted 13 days ago
Deleted 13 days ago
Deleted 13 days ago
Deleted 15 days ago
Deleted 15 days ago
Deleted 15 days ago

really hard to play in the Mac , and not worth that price

how to make aphrodisiacum, alcohol and mor

Deleted 19 days ago

I don't need to buy it to know it doesn't have a apk


You should make more tickling options, maybe add tickling tools, or maybe even a tickle machine!!



Love your game, but i was curious, if i've made a custom villain and i want to bring it to the newest\version of your game, how do i go about doing that? i've been having a blast with your game on my old Rift and works great!

Hello, depending on which old version it was made in some cases you would need to manually take note of  sliders and recreate her again. Sorry for the inconvenience

thank you for letting me know. whew i'm glad i asked before trying the new one, but i will do that. thank you for letting me know =^.^=

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already love this game, even though its still very buggy

keep up the great work!


do you think the steam release will support customization in vr?

can i play this on quest 3 standalone

hello i love your game but i was wondering what exactly is the "sex machine" i don't fully understand what it is and i can't seem to find it

thank you in advance.

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its next to the shackle control console to the bottom right but only works with the X shaped shackle bench as far as i am aware. you press the holobutton and then controls for it will appear under the terminal. has to be "loaded" with a toy if you know what i mean

Just downloaded it and it looks beautiful! But unfortunately I ran into an issue - when trying to play through quest 2 (using virtual desktop / steamvr), the vr controller are not responding and not appearing, basically I’m just a head incapable of doing anything. I guess it’s a bug but maybe I’m missing something?

Hello, can you check the game is on a path that only has English characters? like C:/Games/TheVillainSimulator for example

thank you! Works perfect 


will their be futa support or anything like that in the future?

Do you plan for mods support ? Could use more toys to play with and more clothes/haircuts/features to create characters with.

Lets be honest, game absolutely will be modded, question is if you are willing to make it easyer

Hello, we have been told the game is already moddable and we would do whatever we can to make it easier, however nobody has approached to us requesting for something related modding, they seem to be finding their way just fine.

I cannot enter the game. After loading in desktop mode, the screen will black out but there will still be sound effects. In VR mode, I will get stuck in the just loaded screen


Can you join me on discord and share some log files with me? https://discord.gg/c25BbmPZYj


I really love this game! The new submission feature in version 35 is really great, even though it's a bit too easy with most girls (and I still don't understand how it should work with an android at all).

I'm really looking forward to the unconcious feature and the serums.

A couple of ideas:

1. A freely placable camera like in "la douche" that is moved like the parts of the poser machine. For easier usage it could always point to the girl. The view could the be displayed on a screen similar to the stat screen you already have, probably right of it so that you can see everything properly.

2. In version 35 you can visibly cum when masturbating but not inside the girl (at least not visibly). It would be nice to see that at least in the look through android belly and the penetration view on the stat screen. Dripping cum from the pussy would be too much effort I guess even though that would be really sexy.

3. The guy should ideally automatically reduce the number of thrust per minute when he comes as in real life.

4. Currently the disliked options of the girl only affect the submission status. It would be nice if you could make them fear you by applying these disliked options.

5. The breast jiggling got way better in the last versions and seems really proper when dancing (although they sometimes nearly tear their tits off). During sex the breasts only jiggle a bit, but that's due to the little force applied when fucking the girls. Basically the whole force transmission through the hip contact that you have in real life is missing, only the dick moves the girl as if it was only a fucking machine. Ideally you'd add a proper collision handling of the hips and adapt the sex animation for that accordingly so that you can really bounce the girls, especially when doing them really hard.

And a small bug: The android girl still properly dances with all limbs dissolved... The easiest way around that would be to automatically add the limbs again for the dancing.

Thanks for the halloween girls btw.


One more bug: When you apply instanude on the right most girl she also loses part of her hair which results in a quite unsexy partial baldness (only a stripe, but still).

Thanks, Im glado you like the game. Here are my comments

1- Is a good idea, will discuss it

2- We are working on a solution for it that even is reflected on the x=ray machine

3- Thats right, we will be instroducing Player status at some point

4. Will think about how to better reflect disliked things

5- We have this problem in which if we dont make the arms move the breast, they clip too often, however if we make them collide they sometimes move the breats too much. Still trying to get come up with ideas to make it work better.

Oh, the Android issue, actually I had never thought of that but is right. Yeah, I think for now an easy fix is to re add her limbs. Thans for that catch.

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ad 5:

oh, that's so interesting from an engineering perspective.

I discussed this with my wife who does have this "problem" in real life.

Basically it comes down to two rules:

1. The upper arm must have a "keep out" area, meaning that when it's over the body it has to have an angle of at least x degrees to the front depending on the breast size. It's basically the same rule that you can't move the upper arm into the main part of the body, only a couple to degrees extra so that at least about 2/3rds of the breast depth is kept free. As the upper arm always collides with the breasts when it's over the body the rule is really as simple as that.

2. You can't have the lower arm moving at a 90° angle to the upper arm towards the breasts as this will crush them in real life and has odd effects in your game. In real life the lower arm will arrive at a larger angle so that the breast can slip over it and only go to 90° when the upper arm has stopped moving, putting the breasts nicely above the lower arms. The first rule doesn't affect this because the upper arm isn't over the body then.

I also noticed that at least in version 35 the hands are clipping when dancing, only the arms have a proper collision implemented. But you already properly modeled the collision with the hands when the girl is groped by the guy, even handling the breast size perfectly.

But please don't forget about the original reason of #5 with the thrust transmission during sex :-)

Since I saw that this game is about to be on Steam soon. Would this game be able to be modded on the Steam version?

Hi. I think the game is realy well done. I'm wondering if there is a way to import custom animation for the "Sit and watch the Dance" feature. There are a few free butons on the console. It would be neat if there was a way to use animation files like MMD's. Thank.

Thanks, it is not possible to import animations

I'm playing on a potato, saving for a new rig. Right now my PC doesn't quite meet minimum specs as posted on Steam. Would the requirements be lower/playable if I stick to Desktop mode? My PC is "technically VR capable" but it's never a good experience. I can slam some ram in there if necessary, but it's a laptop so can't do anything about 1650 GPU.

You can try, it might work well, we have optimized it and has a quality selection on Settings


Good game. Hyped for updates.
I know these are ambitious suggestions for you to add but I'll write them anyway
- More nipple action, more stuff to do with the nipples
- Ability to switch to 3rd person camera to observe some scenes
- have more than 1 girl at the same time, maybe they could do stuff together
- Lactation squirt from breasts
- More powerful squirts from the girls
- Make it easier to aim with cum on their body, and make it more visible / stay longer. Maybe a cum gun?
- Not having to maintain the click to masturbate and finger would be great.

Thanks, we have plans for a few of those suggestions!

Really good game.

Thank you!

anybody know how to use this game on a M1 mac with Steam.  meta 2 says steam app wont connect with my computer.  wish I knew this before I bought the game. please help

SteamVR is not supported on mac. TVS works on mac only in Desktop Mode

got the game and its very interesting, im confused though. does the itch version only have 2 missions on the android lady so far? and why is it censored.

It is not censored. You need to "undress" the subject. 

You have to desintegrate the clothing using the blaster gun on the counter. It's to the right when facing the subject. Be carefull (or not) when aiming for the peice of clothing or you'll hurt the subject.

the nipples and the vagina are censored after undressing. as well as what am assuming is sex toys of some sort on the cart/table/storage things

It seems you have the "censor mode" active.

Go to settings, the previous to last setting in the graphics section (which is actually the first section you see).

it would seem i do, thank you lol

is there a reason some toys are in their own case?  Also, the toys seem to have a distinct black base, is that to connect them to a device I'm not seeing?

They attach to a robot arm that is deployed by a command on one of the control pannels. 

But this robot arm is (sadly) only available with the first machine.
You have an icon for it on the screen next to the machine where you adjust the machine. Just click on it and the options for the arm will appear. As soon as the arm is activated, you can put a dildo on it.

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need a guide for serums, how do you get aphrodisiac 

(1 edit)

Just got the game myself! Awesome VR experience so far and can’t wait to see how you improve it in the future. 

I was wondering about some things regarding progression: 

Are you planning to add in a more step-by-step approach to gaining the character’s submission or do you want to keep it more free form as is?

Do you have any plans regarding a more story-based mode where perhaps you have to interrogate some characters for information, through which you would be able to tell a story

i know this has been specifically asked before but just wondering for an update: what are your plans for mod support besides custom characters and clothing?

Sorry if you answered any of these before for others. Just curious on any updates:)

I bought the game on itch do I have to join the patreon to access the cheats..

With a bit of searching you can find the in the internet... although the one for version 35 actually took a bit to find.

I didn't see much difference for 33 to 34 tbh  

Hey, i just bought your game on itch.io few days ago. I have MetaQUEST 2 with Virtual Desktop. Starting your game works fine in PC, but game does not see my Oculust controllers in VR mode . already checked all the QUEST 2 firmware GPU and Steam VR update. can you help? 

Hello, if you already checked all firmware is up to date then it has to be a configuration issue. Game works well on Quest 2 with Virtual Desktop. Not sure what else could it be.

thank you for reply. I mean is fine playing with only PC, but can't do anything with VR is kinda sad.  hope you guys can fix this issue some day. I think I will try more times in another days or maybe keep waitting.  

Did you manage to solve it? 

 I just started playing and same thing happened to me.

nope. I give up and go buy VAM instead.

Anyone have a guide how to mix serums? I can only extract blood, milk and saliva.


I know it might be bit against theme of game, but would it be possible to add “consent mode” ? Perhaps roll it into safe mode. It would remove weapons, bone snapping and change dialogies to suggest that “subject” consent and wants to be fucked.

I’m interested in game for bondage but I’m too kind hearted to actually hurt or rape anyone.

Are you gonna add the version with Lovense support? Cause Beta 34 does not have it, but the Patreon has Beta 37 and that does have Lovense support.

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