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Remember those old super heroes  shows?  The campy 60’s series where a dynamic duo always wound up in some nefarious trap,  only to escape at the very last minute?

I often found myself fantasizing about catching them  in my own elaborate, sexy trap. The struggle, the helplessness ... the submission, it all seemed so intense.
Finally, I have recreated that fantasy for all of us to enjoy!  Whip,  spank,  squeeze,  and shock your own captive femme fatale because just this once -- the villain has won and the villain it's you...


  • Supports Desktop and VR Mode (Oculus & Vive)
  • Interact with a collection of devious pleasure tools
  • Teach 4 different characters the pleasure to be found in pain
  • Sit back and … relax ...  with “Robot Arm” auto-play

Dev Note: This game is under constant development. If you prefer to have instant access to the latest updates please consider supporting me on Patreon

Itch.io  builds will be 3 versions behind the current beta build on Patreon.

The Villain Simulator is the kind of game everyone should have on their computer- BestPornGames

Jump into the Villain Simulator and discover why bad guys have more fun >:)

Current Itch version: 0.27.2 (beta 27) Latest version on Patreon0.30 (beta 30) 

Desktop Mode Controls

WASD - Movement

1- Normal Mode - Hides the hand

2- Grab/Touch Mode - You can bring the hand as before to start touching

3 - Slap Mode - You can slap the character

4 - Punch Mode - You can punch the character

E - Grab/Interact

R - Reset Game

Ctrl - Toggle Crouch

Left Click - Shoot/activate

Right Click - Toggle Hands / Toggle Laser Aim

VR Mode Controls

Trigger - Shot / Interact / Activate UI Buttons

Grab - Grab

Joystick/Pad up - Teleport / UI Pointer

Joystick/Pad left/right - Snap Turn

Right Menu Button -  Toggle Laser Aim

Past Updates:


Get this game and 8 more for $44.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

TVS-Beta-27-2-Itch.zip 3 GB
TVS-Beta-27-mac.zip 3 GB

Download demo

TheVillainSimulator-Demo.zip 772 MB

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By any chance does this game work on meta quest 2?

how i can get beta 28?

If I buy the beta will I get the full game?

All versions up to the final version 1.0 will be published on Itch.io and you will be able to access them


and can i have cheat code please

Are there any male characters and can you play as a male too? I might just be looking over it somewhere but Id like to know for sure before spending $20 on it ^^"

As for now there are no male characters to play with, only the player is a male

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Hi i downloaded this game 1-2 weeks ago and i cant seem to have the "penis" feature on the 5 key. Was the game recently updated with that mechanic or what may be the problem? (i downloaded TVS-Beta-27-2-Itch)

Hello, that feature will be available on Beta 29

Hi, what would you recommend for a windows graphics card. I can’t find min/rec requirements on this site :(

I have not defined graphic requirements yet, all I know is you need a computer that can play 3D games like rocket league, League of Legends, GTAV, The Witcher 3, Bioshock, etc

apk for native Oculus quest players?

No native support, supports Oculus Link running from  a PC

Deleted post

yes it has

Deleted post

Thanks for your review

Will leave this here 

Game is not finished btw

there is no sound in the game

Which version are you running?

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I'm using the demo and I'm not sure what limited functions it has because I don't really see them listed, but slap mode & punch mode don't seem to work.

Great game! These are some ideas I would like to see happen

- Female Villain

- Futa options (villain/character)

- more dildo options (automatic/vibrator so I don’t have to move it, just leave it in there)

- slime/monsters you can grab/release onto the character

- (milking not yet available on 26? Doesn’t stick on the characters)

Hello, A few of those features are already being considered.

Milking should work on Beta 26

Not sure how to use the milking feature in VR mode, it doesn’t stick on the character.

Also, is auto-play available in VR?

Remove the clothes and attach a cup to the nipples.
What do you mean by autoplay?

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  • Supports Desktop and VR Mode (Oculus & Vive)
  • Interact with a collection of devious pleasure tools
  • Teach 4 different characters the pleasure to be found in pain
  • Sit back and … relax ...  with “Robot Arm” auto-play
Sorry I’m just new to the game, might have to look around for it

This game is pretty great but its missing a lot of UX, I couldn't find a way to tune the graphics settings when playing on vr mode

You can adjust some graphics from the Settings in the Main Menu

when i start the game in the vr mode, steam vr starts and the game is loading(i think) but i don't get into the lab, i'm just standing in the steam vr loading screen

Is SteamVR loaded and tracking before you click on start in VR Mode?

yes, tvs is opening and i choose the vr mode, but after this it's loading all the time

(1 edit)

happened to me as well. not sure if it’s related but my workaround is below.

Originally downloaded to Download folder, but when I move it to a different folder, the game wouldn’t load past choosing VR mode.

If I start it up from the Download folder, it works fine.

ok thanks, i'll try it out now

Hey how can I get the clothes off?

Use the dematerializer gun, make sure to set a good power level on it

Whenever I try to open the game it shows the logos then freezes

Hello, even if you wait it wont start?

realized my laptop just wasn't good enough

when steam release?


We are still working on it


Much waiting for the stormtrooper!

Also could you make a futanari version for the characters?)

Thanks, it might be some time to have a star soldier costume in the game but I will work on it eventually. As for futa, Im also thinking about it, if I add it is going to be like a prop you attach to characters

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when I start the game in desktop mode, my caracter start doing 360's and wont stop doing it and I can't play the game, what can I do to solve it pls


problem solved, I had a controller connected.

Does your game support the Valve Index controllers and HMD?

It does, I actually use the Index Knuckles to develop it and t works great.

TY for the quick response, best of luck. 

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What difference does it make if I buy it here versus your patreon?

Nevermind I now see patreon has the latest version.

question, once i buy it here, can i come back and download newer versions when they release?


Do the fear statistics make sense?

What do you mean?

I don't know what it affects. I used  cheat code to get it up to max, but it drops back to 30 very quickly. And I can't really increase it with torture because the character dies.

It will change the test subject's mood, reactions and voice lines. However even if you boost it it will quickly revert to a 'default level'...and from what I can tell it's based on how clothed the subject is. RIP fans of Felicia's fur pattern and want her scared.

This has apparently been changed in the patreon locked updates, with a new status called sensitivity. So I guess things will be better in a year or so...

Thanks! :)

So for the moment it has no function, because there is no specific goal to be achieved.

How far away from completion is this game?


Hopefully no more than 2 years away

Yo like the update, you getting somewhere guys funny bug but i know you get it fix. In the mean time for those on the new update just switch to hands and done a temp fix.  Cant wait to see more


Would buy in a second if it wasnt versions behind Patreon.


I'm with you on that, I think Patreon is a better deal.


No, you would end up paying a lot more with Patreon.

Patreon exists only to milk the end user of cash.


You could always pledge once and get the latest version plus and Itch Key, then cancel so you dont get milked. About this topic;  I cannot agree more with you, Patreon is designed to milk cash to fund projects,  in my case is used entirely  to fund this game and this cash has helped me more and more become full time on this project.

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dont work mouse in desktop mode

it just spin all the time

Hello, make sure you dont have a joystick connected, that sometimes can be interfering with the controls since the mouse and joystick are fighting for control

Does the demo have vr?


I tried to sideload it onto my quest, but I couldn't. Do you think you could make a version for quest?

This requires running trough a computer using SteamVR and the Oculus Link. 

Arent the updates supposed to come out on itch.io 1 month after the updates on patreon? It's been a while since the last update on here

Hello, they are supposed to be 3 versions behind the Patreon version and will come out right after the Patreon version is published

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not sure the dev knows what a one-room sandbox is worth in monetary terms.
certainly not 20 bucks. there's sandboxes just as good, for free, widely available 


Hello, thanks for the feedback. Anybody is free to play those free sandboxes, I am not forcing nobody to purchase my game.



that is correct.
you're also not doing much in the way of making this a market-competitive game

(1 edit) (+3)(-1)

That  might be correct, however I am giving all my best and doing all I possibly  can.

when will be the next update ?

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello, hopefully by the end of this month

Really fun, ran well and im excited to see new updates. Overall better for VR than just desktop but this was obviously the intention of the developers.

Thank you!

I really liked the game, but somehow I am not able to start the latest version for Mac. Beta 25 worked flawless but now with Beta 26 it only tells me that the data is damaged after I downloaded it.


Maybe is a corrupted download, did you try downloading it again?


Yeah, that message appeared too. I managed to start it but it has a 5 to 10 seconds mouse/keyboard delay.

Changing the graphics has no effect.

What engine are you using? Btw, gonna buy it rn.

Didnt expected Unity. Nice tho.

Thanks, there is still room for a graphics overhaul by using Unity's latest rendering system.

Did they finally update the mesh-render-component? Wrote my one cause it was so unperformant.

No idea, you created your own Skinned Mesh Renderer?

With the help of my colleagues. We needed it for a project.

(1 edit)

i cant hear the voices in the beta but can in the demo

This is a know issue that happens when the game ins installed in a folder with non English character, try moving the game to a path that has only English characters.

This will be addressed in a later version


Interesting idea, but it spoils the game that there is no goal. I mean, no matter what you do to the character, she reverts to she's default state (unless you kill she).

So we can torture/entertain them for eternity, but for what? If it's a trainer game, their values (fear/heal) should matter, and we need some closure to the plot. 

That is the point of the game, however since this is an early access it does not represent the final experience of the game

Patreon won't accept prepaid cards, which is annoying. However, I had no problem buying the game from itch.io. Now I am considering buying the game multiple times from itch.io (if that is allowed--seems to be, from my research) to support your project that way. It might be the only viable alternative.

Hello, I appreciate that very much however I'm not sure if that would be the best way,  I do need to setup a donation jar or something but right now I don't have anything like that.
On Itch there is the option to pay what you want I think.
I also have subscribe star, did you try that?
Here are my links  https://linktr.ee/ZnelArts

Thanks again!

It did occur to me after a night's sleep that itch.io probably isn't the best way (I'm pretty sure I know why, and I understand). So I will check out the subscribe star way when I get home tonight. I hope it works.
And thank you too, for making this game :)

is there a discord server for the game?

Yeah, you are welcome here https://discord.gg/c25BbmPZYj

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