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Remember those old super heroes  shows?  The campy 60’s series where a dynamic duo always wound up in some nefarious trap,  only to escape at the very last minute?

I often found myself fantasizing about catching them  in my own elaborate, sexy trap. The struggle, the helplessness ... the submission, it all seemed so intense.
Finally, I have recreated that fantasy for all of us to enjoy!  Whip,  spank,  squeeze,  and shock your own captive femme fatale because just this once -- the villain has won and the villain it's you...


  • Supports Desktop and VR Mode (Oculus & Vive)
  • Interact with a collection of devious pleasure tools
  • Teach 4 different characters the pleasure to be found in pain
  • Sit back and … relax ...  with “Robot Arm” auto-play

Dev Note: This game is under constant development. If you prefer to have instant access to the latest updates please consider supporting me on Patreon

Itch.io  builds will be 3 versions behind the current beta build on Patreon.

The Villain Simulator is the kind of game everyone should have on their computer- BestPornGames

Jump into the Villain Simulator and discover why bad guys have more fun >:)

Current Itch version: 0.30 (beta 30) Latest version on Patreon0.33 (beta 33) 

Desktop Mode Controls

WASD - Movement

1- Normal Mode - Hides the hand

2- Grab/Touch Mode - You can bring the hand as before to start touching

3 - Slap Mode - You can slap the character

4 - Punch Mode - You can punch the character

E - Grab/Interact

R - Reset Game

Ctrl - Toggle Crouch

Left Click - Shoot/activate

Right Click - Toggle Hands / Toggle Laser Aim

VR Mode Controls

Trigger - Shot / Interact / Activate UI Buttons

Grab - Grab

Joystick/Pad up - Teleport / UI Pointer

Joystick/Pad left/right - Snap Turn

Right Menu Button -  Toggle Laser Aim

How to Tickle 

Desktop Mode: Change hand mode to Interact Mode [2] then point over a tickling area and click, keep clicking to keep tickling.

VR Mode: Just hover your hand over a tickling point and press trigger.

Past Updates:

Updated 19 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(310 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Adult, bdsm, Cyberpunk, Erotic, NSFW, Sandbox, simulator, Superhero, Virtual Reality (VR)
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive
LinksPatreon, Homepage


Get this game and 10 more for $44.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

TVS-Beta-30-1-itch.zip 3 GB
TVS-31-mac.zip 3 GB

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can you play it in vr mode on mac with virtual desktop?

gonna assume it cant be run well on a quest 2 due to the restrictions on it


I play it via SteamVR with the Meta Quest2 (Oculus).

The game runs well, only when exiting it shatters the graphics, so the game must be restarted.

Translated with Deepl

thanks for the info, might give it a try then. 

why does the game crash any time I try and go into vr mode


The whole game is just purple wtf

Deleted 18 days ago

Hello, once you have extracted the zip file you should be able to open TheVillainSimulator.exe to play it.

thank you it finally came together 

Why doesn't vr mode work when I use it on my occulus quest 2 using steam vr and virtual desktop?

(1 edit) (+1)

Can you upload the old catwoman? I liked the old version more:)

is there anywhere we can upload our characters to share?


The only place now is Discord https://discord.gg/c25BbmPZYj

I'm assuming if I buy the Itch.Io, it will be updated 3 versions behind constantly? No extra payment required?


That is correct

Is there a demo of any form? I'm interested but not sure if I want to commit


Sorry, currently there is no demo available

I still intend to buy it on Patreon, I recommend having some sort of Demo as I'm very wary of most VR games on the market.

hello im using a htc vive cosmos in vr, i cant shot with the guns by using the trigger any idea ? 


Hi, check if you are using the official SteamVR bindings

hello there, I was wondering which key is for ejaculating during the Sex-scenes 


It has not been implemented yet, sorry

Deleted 19 days ago

Not sure I understand what you ask, however The Villain Simulator will work on both since it will work on an AMD Ryzen 9 CPU running Windows

thank you I was confused 


No problem!


It would be nice if fisting and pouring wax of a burning candle on girls were introduced into the game.

(1 edit)

Is there ever going to be a type of story/ story mode in this game like how the girls got there and is there going to be a character customizer  for the mc like changing your mc's looks, gender, etc?

yes to both, however MC gender maybe not

Are you thinking of adding an APK file for side loading?

Game runs on Windows PC and Mac for now. We will think about other platforms once it is complete


do you think you'll be adding a mode where they aren't bound  so you can free f*ck them


There is an armchair mode where you sit and they dance or you can have sex with them

why its only up to beta 29 and not to beta 32?

Beta 32 is still on closed beta access while people beta access reports bugs and I work on fixing them. I do public releases on Itch of the versions that were already tested and bugs have been fix

Please, I need a little explanation of what it is or how to find it, where it is:
Toy to hole polish, genital clamping and lerping.


Those seem to be features of the closed beta 32 which is not yet on Itch.

- Toy to hole interaction has been polished

- Genital animation has been clamped to avoid weird behavior and the values are being smooth lerped for a better effect

does this potentially involve the dl side of abdl?

This is not an Android app

thats... not the question


basically are diapers in this

oh sorry, that is not in the game. I will be considering this.

(1 edit)

can you play this with the Pico 4 ? Also, are ball gags , tape gag, etc, available in the game ? 

Hello, I have some data that shows some users using the Pico and I haven't had complains from them, however I cannot be 100% sure.

There is one ball gag in the game as of now.

alright thanks so it can work on pico good to know

Is there anywhere people are sharing custom character files to download? I love the character creator but it does take a while to make them, and if other's have already created some and are sharing I'd like to join in.

Yes, we have a character sharing channel indiscord https://discord.gg/c25BbmPZYj

How do we make sure the update gets downloaded? 

You sign in to Itch.io and download the latest version


I have an idea, could you add different kinds of injections such as fear and arousal. That could lock said affects but be lethal if injected to much. 

Anyway great game.

(1 edit) (+1)

Great idea! we have plans for that

Played your game for a while and from a tech perspective you really up there, I dont know any other game that matches this human physics and is so well done even in early access, congrats man. 

When will the next update happen and what will it contain ?

Also, any easter eggs/secrets? :))

Hello, thanks for the nice words! and just wait for what we have done with the interactions on the next updates, we are very proud of it!

For sneak peeks and updates please join me on Discord


I'm trying to release a new version today btw!

Can't start the game on Mac (MB Pro M1). An error message 'File is invalid' and the only option it gives me, is to move it to trash bin... any recommendations?

Hello, it is a known issue, can you try this:

Hi there - well, this worked like a charm for me. Now that's what I call support! Thank you very much and have a nice weekend.

Cool, I'm glad it worked!


Can you play this game without VR?


Does this game have cum and/or squirt effects, and do they stick to surfaces?

It does


how do you remove clothes on desktop?

There's a phaser on the table that can remove clothes. careful not to set it too high or you will delete her

how do you put on the ball gag?

You can grab it from the table and get it into the character's mouths


Hey I just bought it but I can't seem to get it to work with my WMR headset. When I launch it steamvr crashes instantly or the game enters VR mode but displays on my monitor and nothing works. Is there some sort of launch procedure?

Please make tickling on one click in desktop version, fnd if it is possible more tickle content, love your game

Does this game work with  the HP Reverb G2 headset?

It should, I know some users have that one

By any chance does this game work on meta quest 2?


It works using Oculus Link running from a computer

how i can get beta 28?

Beta 28 was just released on Itch

If I buy the beta will I get the full game?

All versions up to the final version 1.0 will be published on Itch.io and you will be able to access them


and can i have cheat code please

becose i buy the game so please

Hello, cheat code is only intended for dev and testing purposes, it is currently only available to users who decide to be testers on Patreon

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